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The skin of many hues

mmmmm wonderful !!!
Beautiful woman but makeup :( !!!
We know many of us want to have nice skin, preferably brown. But as we know it is not always time for the sun but, fortunately, bronzers and lotions are bronzers. But sometimesthey are doing to our skin bright spots. To our skin did not have stains and many colors we should:
- make a decent scrub
- then we start from the foot of lubrication
- wait a few minutes (5 - 15 min)

There are places which are wash often, in this case I mean face. We use a variety of tonics, lotions, facial cleanser, etc. Therefore the best way to use the wish to add a facial bronzerwith a pink tint - it deprives the skin of yellow hue. Bronzer is applied to the forehead, nose,cheekbones and chin.
Bronzers can also model other parts of the body such as legs and arms.

This is not true for people with very fair-skinned . 

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  1. don't forget: people with a very wwhite skin need also to use lighter bronzers ;) If they don't use a lighter one. the effect of the second picture will come fast ;). But very nice post!


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