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Real ;)

So now spend more time on my second blog .I wonder also featured on the disposal of this - but I have to think about.

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Sorry :(

I do not know when I publish another post because due to my move I have a little trouble with the internet : (

czwartek, 26 maja 2011

Types of feminine silhouette

Figure A - pear

Small breasts
Waistline, waist extended
No abdominal
Wide, round hips
Massive thigh
Lean calf

Figure T - Mushroom

Broad shoulders
Small breasts
The narrow, long waist
Narrow hips
Lean, long legs

Figure Y - parsley

Shoulders wider than hips
Large breasts
Narrow Waist
Narrow hips
Lean, long legs

Figure H - pepper

Broad shoulders
Large breasts
Flat stomach, no indentation at the waist
Hips with the same width as the shoulders
Massive thigh and calf

Figure I - cucumber

broad shoulders in proportion to the hips
long waist
flat stomach
Flat buttocks
Long slim legs

Figure X - carambola

Large, full breasts
Waistline, waist brief
Wide hips (in proportion to the shoulder width)
Strong thigh

Figure A - apple

Medium-sized breasts
No indentation at the waist, big belly
Rounded hips
Slim, shapely legs

 A- Halle Berry
T- Nicole Kidman
 Y- Angelina Jolie
 H- Drew Barrymore
 I- Keira Knightley
 X- Beyoncé Knowles
 O - Whoopi Goldberg