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piątek, 29 kwietnia 2011

Characterization of types of beauty

Characteristics:Bright, radiant complexion with golden or peach tones. It may be pale, appearing almost transparent. In moments of stress appear red blush. The skin tans quickly, the color brown.Freckles are golden. Eyes bright and clear - blue, green or golden-brown. The hair in shades ranging from light blonde (even flax) to light brown with shades of red.
Your colors:Bright and clear, shades of green, warm yellow, delicate shades of pink and red shades of yellow, off-white, the colors of gold, warm browns, bright navy blue, soft purple, soft blue, gray blue, light blue, rose beige.
Make-up:Mild, gentle, natural.Primer - the bright colors of beige, hot pink, peach, salmon, preferably liquid.Roses - bright shade of peach, apricot, russet.Shadows - pastel shades of gray, blue, bright green, and blue-violet color products (eg, fudge brown, light lilac), olive, pea, brown, rusty.Mouth - both gentle (soft shades of orange, peach, earthy brown shades of pink), and strong colors (eg red cancerous).Avoid strong makeup.
Clothes:Solid, varied and subtle floral patterns.
Characteristics:Pale, pink-beige or olive skin with a tendency to blush. A pile up on the color hue of walnut.Are gray-brown freckles. Eyes: brown, blue, or a mismatch of color, slightly "blurred", often with a speckled brown iris, or white spots. Hair - platinum blond, blond or brown with gray tint.
Your colors:The best colors are blue, cool-cold, dull pink, delicate shades of purple, bluish green, mint pastel colors, blues, grays, whites broken, deep red wine, vanilla, lilac, plum, cherry, raspberry, indigo, lavender.Should be avoided rudości, brown, snow white and black.
Make-up:Primer - a clear, porcelain.Roses - A cool, salmon pink.Shades - brown, gray, pearl and pastel shades of all colors, the color of champagne or złocistobrązowy.Lips - matt-pink, in a gentle shade of violet, coral, salmon, red (color of poppies), orange-red.
Clothes:With a light, airy materials.
Characteristics:Vibrant, alabaster complexion, with golden or peach tones, can also be golden, or even olive. Freckles are rude. Złocistobrązowe eyes, dark brown, amber, hazel, green, Cyan.Often with golden flecks on the iris. Hair - brown, auburn, copper, carrot, with a golden sheen, in warm shades of blond and brown.
Your colors:Colours of the earth in a warm, brown, beige, red, green, khaki, gold, orange, creamy white.Individuals showing this type of beauty should avoid bright colors and blue and pink.
Make-up:Primer - warm beige, pink and brown, shades of brown.Roses - A cool, bright and light pink.Shadows - rusty, orange-yellow, reddish brown, brown, green,in the cool shade of purple, pigeons, in cool shadesblue, turquoise, jasnogranatowe, oberżynowe.Mouth - brick, lilac, vivid pink, cherry, raspberry, purple, rust, copper, orange, a golden luster.
Clothes:Top made of corduroy, angora, brocade and satin, linen, wool and mohair. Additions made of amber, wood, gold, copper or bronze. Should be avoided and plastic silverware.
Characteristics:Porcelain with a cool bluish tint, or light olive skin. Expressive eyes, blue, dark green, black and brown, dark gray, violet, dark blue, black. The color of the iris is in stark contrast to the eye protein. Lips pink or maroon. Dark hair (from brown to black), with blue, dark blue or gray tint.
Your colors:Black, red, hot green, emerald green, intense blue, snow white or slightly pink, power and cool shades of pink, red raspberry, cool lilac, dark purple, intense shades of green, dark brown dark chocolate, strong blue, indigo, sapphire, azure , icy lilac, gray, black, bottle green, emerald, silver, silver, steel, navy, sand. Inappropriate colors are warm.
Make-up:Primer - a very clear, preferably transparent beige in color.Blush - slightly pink.Shadows - violet, shades of gray extinguished, dark green, dark blue, in cool pastel shades.Mouth - succulenceandspecific red, red, pink, purple, in burgundy, cherry, raspberry.
Clothes:Monochromatic, contrasting juxtaposed. Reflective, painted, plastic additives.

Besides the four main types There are two types of mixed:
Most preferably, it looks in bright shades of soothing colors of autumn and spring.
Top of the cold and dark colors.
In the case of mixed types of makeup you need to adjust individually.

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