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sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

It is difficult to determine whether the conflict between Lady Gaga and Beyonce is true or
it's just a gimmick. Both singers are fueling rumors and interviews
speak negatively about the "rival". Apparently it all started when
Knowles found that Germanotta considered to be better and no one treats as
equal to the artist.

The war between the singers finally broke when Gaga said: "She's not
is an artist. Does not write his songs. It is an empty shell. Apparently
controversial star is planning to take first place in show business and its
According to the way it is just Beyonce, who rose to fame thanks to the support
influential husband. Gaga is going to show that Knowles is "a dancer with a nice
voice, "and not a real singer.

Recently, a similar disdain gaga commented on the Madonna. Then
appealed his harsh words

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