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sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

in the course of ordering pallets ;)

It is difficult to determine whether the conflict between Lady Gaga and Beyonce is true or
it's just a gimmick. Both singers are fueling rumors and interviews
speak negatively about the "rival". Apparently it all started when
Knowles found that Germanotta considered to be better and no one treats as
equal to the artist.

The war between the singers finally broke when Gaga said: "She's not
is an artist. Does not write his songs. It is an empty shell. Apparently
controversial star is planning to take first place in show business and its
According to the way it is just Beyonce, who rose to fame thanks to the support
influential husband. Gaga is going to show that Knowles is "a dancer with a nice
voice, "and not a real singer.

Recently, a similar disdain gaga commented on the Madonna. Then
appealed his harsh words

piątek, 29 kwietnia 2011

Homemade masks

The mask of egg white proteins (purifying and astringent)

Freshly slaughtered protein applied on the skin. We are trying to spread as evenly as possible over the entire surface of the treated skin. The mask is left until the protein dries.
We're outta water mask.
The mask is left feeling clean and skin tension.
The mask is not recommended for very dry skin.

Apple mask for oily skin with acne

Big sour apple wash and grate, add two tablespoons of honey and mix thoroughly, add alittle oatmeal (a spoonful or two as a thickening agent to facilitate the maintenance of theface mask) and mix
Apply mask on face and leave for 10 - 15 minutes
Wash your face with cool water

Honey mask

Preheat the face or neck with a towel warmed with hot water (the towel should not burn andshould not be excessively wet skin)
On such prepared distribute honey skin. Mask, leave on for 15 to 30 minutes.
We're outta your skin with warm water and cold nastąpnie (for closing the pores of the skin)
Treatment should be repeated daily for 3 days then have 2 - 3 times in a week intervalbetween treatments. The mask is suitable for all skin types only people with very sensitiveskin and capillaries should not use the pre-heating of the skin.

Cucumber Mask

Whole unpeeled cucumber sliced ​​put on the face, leave for 10 - 15 minutes. If you want toput a mask on the neck cucumber can grate, get stronger mask (face slices work better,mask does not flow)
We're outta water mask.
Mask designed for oily skin, has a moisturizing and whitening.

Mask (peeling) sugar

We need:

flat tablespoon sugar
tablespoon hot water
a cup (or other small vessels resistant to hot water), pour a spoon of sugar and pour hot water, stir until the sugar crystals dissolve completely,
applied on the face of a cotton swab or small
Gently massage your skin with the fingertips with circular movements (up to half to oneminute), if the mask dries feel a slight resistance when moving the fingers can impose an additional fluid port and re-massage the skin. Treatment are best carried out in stages,starting for example from the front then one then the other cheek, chin and chin successively
mask can also be used for neck
after covering the entire surface of the face (we omit the eyes!) leave the mask for about 2 -3 minutes, washing the mask with warm water and washed his face with cold water to close the pores of the skin (if required for our skin)
After drying of the skin, apply cream suitable for our skin.
The mask is effective in spite of the simplicity. Suitable for all skin types, only those withextremely sensitive skin should see how they react to a face mask and possibly give up themassage with your fingers to tear the skin several times a cotton swab moistened in aprepared solution of sugar, and wash off the mask before the end of 3 minutes.
The mask cleanses and smooths it.

The procedure can be repeated no more frequently than every 3 - 4 days.

Characterization of types of beauty

Characteristics:Bright, radiant complexion with golden or peach tones. It may be pale, appearing almost transparent. In moments of stress appear red blush. The skin tans quickly, the color brown.Freckles are golden. Eyes bright and clear - blue, green or golden-brown. The hair in shades ranging from light blonde (even flax) to light brown with shades of red.
Your colors:Bright and clear, shades of green, warm yellow, delicate shades of pink and red shades of yellow, off-white, the colors of gold, warm browns, bright navy blue, soft purple, soft blue, gray blue, light blue, rose beige.
Make-up:Mild, gentle, natural.Primer - the bright colors of beige, hot pink, peach, salmon, preferably liquid.Roses - bright shade of peach, apricot, russet.Shadows - pastel shades of gray, blue, bright green, and blue-violet color products (eg, fudge brown, light lilac), olive, pea, brown, rusty.Mouth - both gentle (soft shades of orange, peach, earthy brown shades of pink), and strong colors (eg red cancerous).Avoid strong makeup.
Clothes:Solid, varied and subtle floral patterns.
Characteristics:Pale, pink-beige or olive skin with a tendency to blush. A pile up on the color hue of walnut.Are gray-brown freckles. Eyes: brown, blue, or a mismatch of color, slightly "blurred", often with a speckled brown iris, or white spots. Hair - platinum blond, blond or brown with gray tint.
Your colors:The best colors are blue, cool-cold, dull pink, delicate shades of purple, bluish green, mint pastel colors, blues, grays, whites broken, deep red wine, vanilla, lilac, plum, cherry, raspberry, indigo, lavender.Should be avoided rudości, brown, snow white and black.
Make-up:Primer - a clear, porcelain.Roses - A cool, salmon pink.Shades - brown, gray, pearl and pastel shades of all colors, the color of champagne or złocistobrązowy.Lips - matt-pink, in a gentle shade of violet, coral, salmon, red (color of poppies), orange-red.
Clothes:With a light, airy materials.
Characteristics:Vibrant, alabaster complexion, with golden or peach tones, can also be golden, or even olive. Freckles are rude. Złocistobrązowe eyes, dark brown, amber, hazel, green, Cyan.Often with golden flecks on the iris. Hair - brown, auburn, copper, carrot, with a golden sheen, in warm shades of blond and brown.
Your colors:Colours of the earth in a warm, brown, beige, red, green, khaki, gold, orange, creamy white.Individuals showing this type of beauty should avoid bright colors and blue and pink.
Make-up:Primer - warm beige, pink and brown, shades of brown.Roses - A cool, bright and light pink.Shadows - rusty, orange-yellow, reddish brown, brown, green,in the cool shade of purple, pigeons, in cool shadesblue, turquoise, jasnogranatowe, oberżynowe.Mouth - brick, lilac, vivid pink, cherry, raspberry, purple, rust, copper, orange, a golden luster.
Clothes:Top made of corduroy, angora, brocade and satin, linen, wool and mohair. Additions made of amber, wood, gold, copper or bronze. Should be avoided and plastic silverware.
Characteristics:Porcelain with a cool bluish tint, or light olive skin. Expressive eyes, blue, dark green, black and brown, dark gray, violet, dark blue, black. The color of the iris is in stark contrast to the eye protein. Lips pink or maroon. Dark hair (from brown to black), with blue, dark blue or gray tint.
Your colors:Black, red, hot green, emerald green, intense blue, snow white or slightly pink, power and cool shades of pink, red raspberry, cool lilac, dark purple, intense shades of green, dark brown dark chocolate, strong blue, indigo, sapphire, azure , icy lilac, gray, black, bottle green, emerald, silver, silver, steel, navy, sand. Inappropriate colors are warm.
Make-up:Primer - a very clear, preferably transparent beige in color.Blush - slightly pink.Shadows - violet, shades of gray extinguished, dark green, dark blue, in cool pastel shades.Mouth - succulenceandspecific red, red, pink, purple, in burgundy, cherry, raspberry.
Clothes:Monochromatic, contrasting juxtaposed. Reflective, painted, plastic additives.

Besides the four main types There are two types of mixed:
Most preferably, it looks in bright shades of soothing colors of autumn and spring.
Top of the cold and dark colors.
In the case of mixed types of makeup you need to adjust individually.

Light steppingstone of Wedding Kate Middleton and Prince William ;)

Yes yes :D Never said I was an Angel ;) and I never will :*


I love it :*

Smells good, absorbs quickly and pleasing to the touch skin !!!

Hairstyle Spring/Summer 2011

Celebrities without makeup. Shock !!!

And this is one of the tattoos, which I like, I wonder how it looks on my neck :D

Kate Moss on the cover of Brazilian Vogue !!! :*

Beautiful body and a beautiful woman !!!

I'm wondering about switching to veganism ;)

czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2011

The skin of many hues

mmmmm wonderful !!!
Beautiful woman but makeup :( !!!
We know many of us want to have nice skin, preferably brown. But as we know it is not always time for the sun but, fortunately, bronzers and lotions are bronzers. But sometimesthey are doing to our skin bright spots. To our skin did not have stains and many colors we should:
- make a decent scrub
- then we start from the foot of lubrication
- wait a few minutes (5 - 15 min)

There are places which are wash often, in this case I mean face. We use a variety of tonics, lotions, facial cleanser, etc. Therefore the best way to use the wish to add a facial bronzerwith a pink tint - it deprives the skin of yellow hue. Bronzer is applied to the forehead, nose,cheekbones and chin.
Bronzers can also model other parts of the body such as legs and arms.

This is not true for people with very fair-skinned . 

Smoky eyes upps ;)

With strong makeup, which reduced eye!
Very pleasing to Thee in the style of makeup smoky eyes so I know it's very sexy makeup,and in addition to evening out at the same time. Provided that you remember that if youhave small eyes you should not avoid the black shadow - because too many blacksdefinitely reduces your eyes. Maybe we should change black to gray, brown, purple orgraphite. Although there are exceptions but you have to good hand and do not overdo it.