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1. Preparing the skin for make-up
Depending on skin type, it is worthwhile to apply:

For oily skin - peeling (mild, you can perform even daily) or
cream matting.
For dry and normal skin - moisturizing cream at the base in stick form,
Compact or hydrating fluid.
For acne or prone to allergies, use of special cosmetics
destination, not to deepen the problem, the best will be hypoallergenic, or
natural ingredients.

2. Choosing the appropriate primer / Fluid

Skin Type

Dry skin and normal - background rich in moisturizing ingredients, preferably in the form ofa cream.

Oily Skin - the substrate of low oil, or completely fat free.

For combination skin should be guided more seasons and test which will check the typebetter.


Background color is extremely important worth spending a lot of time that it is the color of our skin. Antiqued dark, too bright da unnatural effect. Primer should check on the cheek, near the jawbone, not the wrist. If you do not see the line between the jawbone and the neckand can barely see the place that the product was imposed, it means that we have foundthe right color for your skin.
Makeup check in daylight.

Types of sleepers:

coloring cream - the lightest in this series, women enjoy an ideal complexion, wishing only to improve skin tone,
Fluid - the largest range of cosmetics, which will find the right product and the teenager anda mature lady. We divide them into fluids rare - slightly opaque or thicker - strongly or mildlyopaque, and Lifting for women with mature skin with visible wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
Makeup Stick - for women who value convenience - you can always have it with you andmake a quick fix makeup
Compact - depending on whether it will impose a dry or damp sponge to keep it on the skinas a powder or as a fluid. And in either case, getting a bit of cosmeticto sponge is pressed against the face of it to place after place . Perfect for young women, in older women mayshow wrinkles.


In addition to the compact sleepers who have special sponge, apply foundation with your fingers or gąbeczkami latex - it is important to release it from the inside face on the outside,not avoiding eyes and mouth - the backing persist longer shadows and lipsticks.
Redistributing the foundation, be sure to not end up on the jaw line, but that occurred in theneck - then you do not create a mask effect.

3. Corrector
When the shortcomings of the background does not help, use the equalizer.

beige-on minor imperfections (should be selected according to skin tone usually lighter than your foundation)
green and spider veins, hyperpigmentation, purulent acne, redness around the nostrils,
white to lighten the corners of the eyes.
For the area around the eyes, use the equalizer soft with the consistency of cream, whichwill reflect light - pat it, without stretching the skin.

For discoloration, freckles, spider veins will be the best equalizer in the form of lipsticks orstick. We touch it directly to the places that we disguise and light you type.

4. The use of powder
Perpetuates the primer and powder concealer makeup prolongs luster and prevents the skin.
Powder may be loose, in stone or beads.

Loose is the best to use at home, we put it to a large brush, taking care that he was not in excess,
In the stone - to the mat skin during the day, irreplaceable to przypudrowania nose, chin andforehead, apply it with a sponge or cans,
The balls - often with various shades of luminous flecks of color-balance the skin,
Bronzing - naturally aligns tan. The face will become a radiant appearance and a warmcolor. The only contraindication to the use bronzing powder is a very pale complexion.

5. Pink
Roses, highlights our strengths and conceals flaws. To him, however, well, you will need to follow some rules matching the shape of our faces:

Square Face - rose slightly below the cheekbones, the jaw, face angles

Triangular face - pink on cheekbones, temples and pulled over on the chin

Round face - different from the temples to the corners of the mouth and jaw line

Blush should be matched to the skin:

to match the bright shades of golden-orange
fit to the dark shades of brown and pink.

6. EyesUse colored pencils
The lines give the look of intensity, underline the character and appearance of the eye.To complete lines on the eyelids Lip use, felt-tip pen, eyeliner.
Several principles that should be guided by drawing a dash:
draw a dash lash line as close as possible,upper eyelid obrysowujemy the entire length, and lower only halfway from the outer edge of the eye (dash along the lower eyelid can visually reduce the eye)if it is easier to stretch a little lid, and the other hand paint a stroke,color should be chosen according to the skin - if you use a pencil brunette black blonde - brown or gray,chalk white or beige paint the lower eyelid, the lashes, to the optical magnification of the eye. The effect is even better if the upper eyelid at the same time we dash darkcrayon color in the hollow of the eye revive facial expression.Application of eye shadows
The main rule that we must be guided by applying eyeshadow is that the optical bright eye shadows, and darker deducted. Where then use the shadow:
Bright shades are the base make-up, the optical eye and give it shine.
domed deep-set eyes on the entire eyelidhighlight the outline of the eyebrows, swollen eye, the freshness of makeup - the eyebrows.
is too close-set eyes in the outer cornersto illuminate the eye - a bright point on the pupil applied to the darker colorthe outer corners - is too far-set eyesDarker shades are used to raise the visibility of beauty eyes.The color of shadows should not be the same with the color of the iris, because it adversely affected their color. It is better to use a contrasting shade such as purple eyes extinguished green, olive to brown, etc.The shadow in the selected color to match the outer corners of the eyes in general.
Example of make-up screening for every occasion:Apply a shadow on the eyelid in the selected color, and then highlight the darker outer corner of eye. To the eye it was clear the center of the eyes apply a clear, pearly shade (maybe even white). You can also put it under the brow to brighten the look.
It is a cosmetic, without which no makeup can not do. Should be used every woman regardless of age, complexion, face shape. Mascara lengthens and thickens, giving them the clarity and depth look. We put ink from the root to the end of the lashes, hold the brush ukoście best in relation to the eye and drawing by the letter Z. We do not miss your eyelashes in the corners of his eyes. The lower lashes painted with the brush held vertically.If you apply a double ink lashes will seem longer and thicker. Black ink is universal for all women, however, clear complexion is recommended grays and browns.

7. Mouth
Beautiful, sensual lips are every woman's dream. Must be protected from harmful external factors and ensure that they are always well moisturized.

Before going to paint lipstick or lipstick paragraph, put on no foundation. Draw mouth withliner matching the shades of lipstick. Apply lipstick then, and remove the excess tissue. Ifyou want more lipstick on her lips clung to coat them with icing, then another layer of lipstick.

At the end you can use lipstick - preferably colorless. Shades of dark and deep, and dull -reduce, but shades of bright, fuzzy and shiny - increase your mouth.

Lipstick color to match skin tones:

the colder tones of pale shades fit, bright pink, purples, pure reds, plum, purple
to match the shades of warm colors orange, yellow, apricot, beige, golden, red-orange,coral.
Some good advice at the end of
Paint is always in the light, which then ask,
Adjust the make-up for the occasion,

Blush, lipstick, nail polish should be a similar color and shade.

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