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czwartek, 26 maja 2011

Domestic ways to alleviate sunburn

Probably each of us for once in my life caught a sunburn. Maybe It spoil even the most beautiful vacation, so in order to remedy this, even before exit to the beach, use appropriate cosmetics for tanning.
Selection of an appropriate filter is a guarantee of protection against harmful UV rays. And there is nothing to worry about that, not by too opalimy high factor. Everyone, even the high pass filter a portion of sunlight.
Unfortunately, when not zaopatrzymy in preparation for tanning, and our skin out to get sunburn, we need to relieve unpleasant symptoms. After the first immediately after returning from the beach to take a cool shower and wash with body oil or are remnants of the cream.
Under no circumstances can lubricate the skin with heavy creams or greasy. Relief in baking as it will bring us the sour milk or yogurt. Gently chilled, makes for a moment forget about the pain. Can not substitute instead be no yoghurt, because the sugar contained therein will very negative effect on burnt areas.
The alternative to home for ways to sunburn preparations are ready to buy in a pharmacy. Any kind of cooling gel or foam panteholem to soothe irritated skin.
If, however, our well-being significantly worse, and there will be nausea, or even states of unconsciousness should immediately consult a doctor.

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  1. very nice. but still it's better to prevent then to cure ;)

  2. definitely. but as it is after the fact ...


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